The Yemen Mobile Co, invites contractors number 2 Tender from the Investment Program for 2016 Self-Financed Project

yemen mobile

 Tender Fee
The tender security amount In USD   The deadline forclarification requests and purchase of Tender Document Tender Name  Tender No M
 20,000  4,000$  02/03/2016  Supply , Installation and Commissioning of Virtual Environment for Yemen Mobile  02-2016  1
-Interested candidates should submit a written application during office 
hours to the following address:-Procurement Department . Head Quarter of Yemen Mobile Co. Amran Street . PO Box 737 .

Tender Document can be obtained for a non-refundable fee as mentioned above.

-Tenders shall be submitted in a red-waxed sealed envelope to the address indicated above, marked with the name of the Entity, project name, tender number, and the name of the tenderer, together the following documents:

  1. A bank guarantee as per the enclosed format in the Tender Document for a lump-sum amount of (4,000$) USD, or certified cheque, valid for a period of (120) days from the date of the opening of envelopes.
  2. A copy of valid registration and classification certificates.
  3. A copy of valid sales tax certificate + tax card.
  4. A copy of insurance card + Zakat Card.
  5. A Copy of practicing license.
Foreign companies are excluded from providing certificates, licenses and cards referred to above, and shall be required only to provide legal documents of eligibility issued by country of origin of these companies

- The deadline for receipt of tenders and opening of envelops is at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday09/03/2016Tenders received after this deadline shall not be accepted and shall be returned unopened to the sender.

- The opening of envelops shall be at the CEO Office in the address indicated above, in the presence ofyour dulyauthorized representatives.

- Interested tenderers can obtain information about Tender Document before payment during office hours for the period of validity allowed for the sale of Tender Document as mentioned above. or by visiting our website: