Completion of the contract for the qualified to the semi-finals in the yemen mobile internal league for the seventh football.

Yemen Mobile

The financial management team has finished the contract for the qualified to the semi-finals of the YEMEN MOBILE internal league for the seventh football, which the company organizes, and its competitions take a place on the 22May's field in Sana'a accompanied with eight teams split to two groups.
 With this qualification the financial management team catches up with the other teams, which have reserved their seats in the semi-finals long time ago, which are the marketing, sales, customer service, and CEO teams.
This qualification was yesterday after the team won the match (3-1) goals against the purchases and stores team in the opening of the third round of the groups league. In the second group matches Mohammed AL-Awadi, Amar Al-Aqily, and Mohammed Al-gazali scored for the financial management team, and Sam Al-saiaghe scpred for the purchases. According to that, the financial management gets the second position with six points after the marketing team with nine points, which beat the humanitarian resources team with seven goals in the same group. Ali Al-noirah scored two, Najeeb Al-bakily scored three, and Hussain Al-muntaser scored two.
With these results the resources team left the champion with three points and the sales team with zero points.

In the first group playoffs for the same round the CEO team won the lead of the group because of the goal difference with the customer service team, which tied with CEO team with tow goals. Ahmed Al-thabhani scored one and Motea Al-nhari scored one for the CEO team.
In the another match for the same group the artistry team quitted so the match was counted for the texting team with three goals.
With these results the CEO team won the lead in this group with seven points because of the goal difference to customer service team.
In the third position , the texting team left the champion with three points along with the artistry team with zero points.
The semi-final matches will start next week. The first match will be marketing and sales team with the client's service team and the second match will be the CEO team and the financial management team.

The champion had many scored goals. The lead is shared by two players, one is Ayman Al-ward of the humanitarian resources and the another is Ali Al-noyrah of the marketing, which have eight goals for each.