Marketing and financial teams to the finals of yemen mobile league

Yemen Mobile

The marketing and sales team and financial management team have reached the (YEMEN MOBILE internal league for the seventh football) finals, which the company organizes with the help of ninety employees scattered to eight teams divided to two groups.
The first group has the CEO, artistry, client's service, and texting team, while the second group has the humanitarian resources, stores and purchases, marketing and sales, and financial management team.
The semi-finals two matches, which took a place yesterday afternoon on 22May's field, ended up with the winning of the marketing and sales team upon the client's service team with four goals to one (4-1). First, Ali Al-noyrah scored for the marketing team, but after that Ayman Al-absi scored for the client's service team. However, the marketing team couldn’t bare it and scored three goals at once, two goals by Ali Al-noyrah and one by Hussin Al-muntesr.
In the second match, the financial team reserved a place in the league finals with the marketing team by hardly beating the CEO team with two goals to none (2-0). In the first half both teams were negatively tied, but in the second half two goals were scored for the financial team by Naji Al-kahly and Mohammed Al-awadi. However, the CEO team wasted many chances.
The final match will be on next Wednesday preceded by the third position match between the CEO and the client service team.
In the race of goals, the marketing's player Ali Hasan Al-noyrah is on the lead with eleven goals, the humanitarian resource's player Ayman Al-ward is on the second position with eight goals, and again the marketing's player Najeep Al-bakily is on the third position with seven goals.