Marketing and sales team winner of yemen mobile league

Yemen Mobile

Yesterday's afternoon the marketing and sales team was crowned a hero of the (YEMEN MOBILE INTERNAL LEAGUE FOR THE SEVENTH FOOTBALL).
The celebrating took a place after the marketing team defeated the financial management team yesterday's afternoon on 22May's field with four goals two nothing (4-0). Big characters attended the celebration such as the engineer Sadeq Muslih leader of the council, the engineer Amer Haz'a the CEO, and the audience.
In the first half the marketing team stepped with one goal scored by Hussin Al-muntaser, and in the second half the team stepped the game up and scored three goals tow by Hussin  Al-mutaser and one by Ali Al-noyrah.
The match for the third position was before the final match and it ended with a hard winning for the client's service team with its opponent the CEO team with three goals to two (3-2). Mote'h Al-nhari scored two goals for the CEO team, and for the client's service Najeep Al-asbahi scored one and Ismaiel Al-thari scored two goals.
After that, the Chief Executive Officer of YEMEN MOBILE COMPANY and some other managers awarded the winners with colorful cups and medals in football, tennis, and chess games categorized like this:

Football game:

  • Marketing and sales team with a cup and gold medals.
  • Financial management with a cup and silver medals.
  • Client's service with a cup and bronze medals.
  • Ali Al-noyrah the as champion scorer.
  • Mohammed Mosa'a as the best keeper.
  • Abd Alra'oof Al-myraby as the perfect player.
  • The texting team as the perfect team.

Chess game:

  • First position: Anwar Al-haimi.
  • Second position: Abd Allah Al-Asidi.
  • Third position: Mohammed Al-Hamly.

Tennis game:

  • First position: Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahi.
  • Second position: Ayman Al-Abasi.
  • Third position: Adel Al-Aziri.

The organizing committee members were awarded as well.