Postpaid Service

Postpaid System:

Yemen Mobile Postpaid system brings to you a variety of services in order to meet all your personal and business requirements, such as, special plans, internet bundles, and different value-added services.

Here we will be pleased to introduce to you this basic guide which will help you to get to know the main services of your Postpaid number.

In order to have a Postpaid number, visit one of Yemen Mobile customer service centers with your personal ID and choose the type of number you like. As soon as you get the card , place it in your mobile, and it will be activated.

The subscription fees start from 990 Y.R for the normal number , beside 1000 RY (the subscriber deposit) which can be increased more than 1000 Y.R if you want to.

Yemen Mobile’s customers are granted with a lower tariff up to 50% to all texts and local calls with a monthly subscription 500 Y.R which will be automatically deducted on a daily basis.

Calls’ Rate per a minute ...............  befor tax

Within Yemen Mobile network

 4.5 Y.R

From Yemen Mobile to a landline

5 Y.R

From Yemen Mobile to GSM

 10 Y.R

An international call

Based on Teleyemen rates

SMS’ Rate  .......................... befor tax

Within Yemen mobile network

 3 Y.R

From Yemen Mobile to GSM

 7 Y.R

An international text message

20 Y.R

The call rate is 5 Y.R per minute.

You can check your account balance Or balance packages for free once a day in one of the following ways:-

  1. Call the short code 181.
  2. Send SMS containing (space) to 181.
  3. Call the code beginning from the left *181#.

The first dialing or sending to 181 is free of charge, but the second call during the same day is of 5 Y.R .

Yemen Mobile offers various ways by which Postpaid customers can make bill payment.
Choose from any of the following convenient payment options:
1-   The immediate way:

  • Via dialing
  • The immediate service
    You can pay your bill by visiting:
  1. any of Yemen Mobile customer service points or agents’ offices to pay in cash .
  2. Any of Yemen Post Office branches.
  3. Any of CAC Bank branches.
  4. Any of Alkurami or ALomqi for exchange branches.
  5. Teleyemen Company.
  6. Public Telecommunication Cooperation (PTC).
  7. The nearest Yemen Mobile customer service points.
Ahpaei / (Family& Friends ) Service :

Ahpaei / Family and Friends service is provided for both Postpaid & Prepaid customers. It enables customers to select up to 10 Yemen Mobile numbers with a discount reaches up to 30% of the call’s rate.
 To Activate:
-   Call 333 and follow the voice instructions.
-   By following the voice instructions while dialing (333) you will be able to:

  1. Inquire the current chosen numbers.
  2. Add new numbers to your Family & Friends’ list.
  3. Replace the selected numbers.
  4. Delete one or all the current numbers.

The service fees:
•   The call to the short code 333 is free of charge.
•   The cost of adding each of the selected number is 30 Y.R for only once, however, when you change any of the chosen number that will also cost you 30 Y.R.

The Work Group Service
The service’s features:
•   If your postpaid number is subscribed within a work group, that will grant you (3000) free minutes to use them monthly within the work group.
•   20% discount of the calls’ rates will be granted when you call out of the work group, but within Yemen Mobile network.
•   You will have a discount of the calls’ rates up to 1 Y.R within the work group, and that’s when your free 3000 minutes are over.
The service’s fees:
-   A monthly subscription of 500 Y.R Not inclusive of tax will be automatically deducted on a daily basis of 16.5% .

To Activate:
•   The service is provided to the licensed company and foundations by submitting an official request to Yemen Mobile company includes a copy of the Commercial Registration of the applicant.
•   Bring a copy of your ID card if your number is selected to be within a work group.
•   The credit limit must be no less than 3000 Y.R.
•   The minimum subscribed numbers no less than (15) numbers and the maximum subscribed numbers are (999) numbers within the work group.
To Cancel:
•   To unsubscribe from the service, send the request included a copy of your ID card , and your number to the fax number 01/333144
•   To cancel the work group, visit the main office or one of our branches.

International roaming service

The international roaming service enables the postpaid customers to use their numbers outside Yemen.
* Internet service is not included in the service.
To Activate:
•   Visit the main office with your ID.
•   The international zero must be activated in the number.
•   The number should be a card and if it is programmed you will have a duplicate card.
•   The CDMA card should be new.
•   The card will be used outside Yemen in a GSM mobile.
The service’s fees:

•   The credit limit should be increased to 40,000 Y.R, and the subscriber can withdraw the insurance amount at any time and be unsubscribe of the service if he doesn’t consume it.
•   The tax differs according to the visited country ‘s policy and terms.

The Service’s Features:
The subscribers will have a discount in the rate of calls, text messages, and surfing the internet from 3:00 Am to 7:00 am 
To Activate:
The service is activated to all postpaid & prepaid subscribers automatically by default.

The service fees:

The offer’s subscription is free of charge.
The rate’s discount is showed in the following table:

The service The rate’s discount
The call (within Yemen Mobile network ) 1 Y.R for the minute instead of  9 Y.R for prepaid numbers or 4.5 Y.R for postpaid numbers)
The call to landline 3 Y.R for the minute instead of 16 Y.R for prepaid numbers & 7 Y.R for postpaid numbers
The call to GSM 7 Y.R for the minute instead of 20 Y.R for prepaid numbers & 10 Y.R for postpaid numbers
The SMS rate within or outside Yemen mobile network Only 1Y.R for the SMS
The internet 3 Y.R for the mega instead of 6 Y.R

Missed Calls Service
The service’s Futures:
With the Missed Calls service, you will get SMS notifications from the same incoming calls informing you about your missed calls when your phone was switched off or out of the coverage area.
It can be activated to all Yemen Mobile customers for free.
To Activate:

Dial the short code *122 and the voice message will inform you of the confirmation.
To Deactivate:
Simply dial *123.
The service fees:
The service is free of charge.

Call Waiting Service
The service’s Feature:
It alerts the customer for another incoming call that is on hold when you are on a call.
The incoming caller ID/phone number will be displayed on the screen of your phone.
You may choose to answer the other call or reject it.
You could also choose to end the current call and answer the call on hold.
This service is free of charge.
To Activate:
Simply dial the short code *74.
To Deactivate:
Dial the code *740
The Charges:
The Call Waiting Service is free of charge. No rental or subscription fees.

Sallefny Service:
The service’s features:
-   The service is for all Yemen Mobile customers.
-   You can borrow 100 Y.R if your credit on your postpaid line is less than 4.5 Y.R
-   The validity of the service is 24 hours.
-   Only the used amount of the borrowed 100 Y.R will be deducted.
-   It is available once a month for Postpaid subscribers.
To Activate:
Dial *100# and 100 Y.R will be transferred to your number.
* If your postpaid number is in a suspend state, or you cross the credit limit you will not be able to activate Sallefny Service.

Call Me Service
The Service’s Features:
-   A text message of (Call Me) context will be sent to the required number whether this number is within Yemen Mobile network or any other local telecommunication network.
-   It can be used three times a day.
To Activate:



The required number


press the call button

The credit on your postpaid line should be less than 3 Y.R in order to be able to use it.
If your postpaid number is in a suspended state, or you cross the credit limit, Call Me Service will not be activated.

Call Forwarding Service:
The service’s Features:
You will be able to forward your calls at all times, when you are already on a call, when you don’t answer a call, or if you aren’t able to be reached ( for example if your phone is turned off )
This service will enable you to forward your incoming calls to a Yemen mobile number or to any other local network number.
The service Fees:
The service’s activation is free of charge, however, when the forwarded call is answered, the rate of the call will be deducted from your credits of the original number and not the number being diverted to.
To Activate:
Below you will find a full list of our forwarded calls commands. They are activated when you simply dial the appropriate code, follow with the required number that is going to receive the forwarded calls, and then hit “Call” on your mobile phone.

The service

Activation Code

Deactivation Code

To forward when the phone is off or out of the coverage area

*68 the number to forward to>> press the call button


To forward when not answering

*92 the number to forward to>>press the call button


To forward when the line is busy

*90 the number to forward to>> press the call button


To forward in all cases

*72 the number to forward to>> press the call button


Tripartite Conference Call Service
The Service’s Features:
It enables the customer to communicate with more than one person at the same call; you can talk with up to three individuals at a time with the Tripartite Conference Call Service.
-   The service is available for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers.
-   As a Yemen Mobile subscriber, you will not have to pay extra monthly rentals to use this service.
-   You can add any local number regardless of whether they’re with Yemen Mobile or another network.
-   It is activated by default to all subscribers.

To Activate:
Simply follow the steps below in order:
Call the first person you want to invite till the line is opened >> Call the second person you want to invite till the line is opened>> and then hit the “Call” button in your mobile phone to join everyone together.

Drop a caller:

To drop a number from the conference
Call *998 >> followed by the number you want to get it out of the conference >>then hit the “Call” button in your mobile phone.

The Service’s Fees:

It’s free to join a call.
If you set up a conference call, you’ll be charged only for all the calls that you started (if you call 4 persons into the conference call, you ‘ll pay for 4 calls).

Query response service (123)
This service is one of various channels to help you find the answers to your inquiries in a fast way, and instead of calling Yemen Mobile Customer Service center for assistance, you can send any enquiry via SMS to 123 and get the answer at the same moment.

The service’s features:
-   It answers all your inquiries related to the main and added services right a way.
-   It provides the main information of the provided services .
-   It clarifies the way to activate/deactivate any of the provided added services, the current packages, internet bundles, and offers.
333 Service:
By dialing the free code 333, you can:
•   Activate any of Yemen Mobile packages & internet bundles ( Mazaya Package , weekly Mazaya pack ,Hadaya pack, Hadaya Tawfeer pack, Mobile net bundles).
•   Deactivate the bundles and packages.
*The service is available for prepaid and postpaid lines.

The Service’s fees:

•   Calling the short code 333 & browsing the service's list is free of charge, and you will only be charged once you select and activate any package from the list.

Switch from Prepaid to Postpaid
The service’s Features:
-   The Prepaid customer can keep the same number and experience the convenience of the Postpaid features.
-   This service enables you easily to switch from the existing Prepaid system to the new Postpaid line, and enjoy a great value with it.
   The Service’s Fees:
-   The migration’s Fee is 1100 Y.R
-   The Credit Deposit for the postpaid new line is 1000 Y.R.
  To Activate:
-   The owner of the prepaid number should visit the main center or any of our branches with the ID card, and sign a postpaid contract with his name.

Ownership Transfer Service
Yemen mobile customers can transfer their lines ownership to someone else’s.
The Service’s conditions:
-   The service is exclusively available in the main center or at any of our main branches.
-   To complete the ownership transfer procedures, the attendance of the current owner and the new one is required with their IDs cards.
-   In case the ownership belongs to a company, foundation, or any government institution, an authorized letter from the concern party is required to transfer the ownership of the number.
The Service’s Fees:
-   The cost to transfer the ownership is 550 Y.R.
Detailed Bill
-      If you would like to have a detailed bill of your number’s usages, you can visit the main office or one of our branches with your ID.
The Service’s Fees:
-   330 Y.R for one monthly bill.
Obtain a duplicate card
-   In case you need to obtain another CDMA card, you can visit the nearest Yemen Mobile branch with your ID card, and we will be glad to provide a duplicate card for you.
* If your line was activated with the internet service, it will not be automatically activated in the duplicate card unless you ask for the service and it will be activated for free , or you can contact our customer care service.
 The fees:
-   250 Y.R for the duplicate card.

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