Prepaid System

The Subscribers , who love the freedom and reject restrictions and controls, have a special share of the system of Yemen Mobile Company, with the prepaid system they can enjoy a huge amount of premium services away from the pressures of bills and monthly subscriptions.

Prepaid System Features (SUHAIL):

With Pre-Paid no borders to your calls, SUHAIL Service unrestricted by any time or place.
In line with the privacy of Yemen Mobile customers, we have introduced a special system can be described as the easiest way to communicate without bills or monthly subscriptions, it has many advantages, including.

  1. Charge Cards are available in different categories and prices.
  2. ChargeCards with longer validity period.
  3. Multiple electronic Charge systems suitable for all.
  4. International Telecommunication Service is available in different categories and prices.

Dear Subscriber... in order to optimal use of mobile phone services by Yemen Mobile Lines, the following is a manual containing information and instructions on how to use prepaid services and offers….. We are pleased to find everything you need in this manual.

Subscription in prepaid system cost you only (1500) Riyals, and the company will give you within the Suhail a slide contain on:

  1. 200 Riyals free balance within the network.
  2. A reception Period for six months.
  3. International communications without subscription.

The cost of prepaid calls is calculated in seconds after the first minute of the call, the following table shows Telecommunications tariff within the network or with other networks.


Call / Minute


Within Yemen Mobile Network


4 YR

Yemen Mobile to Fixed



Yemen Mobile to GSM

20 YR


Landline to Yemen Mobile

5  YR



b y TeleYemen Tariff

20 YR

Suhail Subscriber can increase his/her balance or Charge another subscriber or pay another subscriber bill by using SUHAIL Cards available in five different categories that offer a wider range of communications, which has a period of validity and greater grace period.



Pure Credit

Pure Credit
after Tax

Sending Validity Period



 200 YR

235 YR

8 days



 400 YR

470 YR

 16 days



 600 YR

705 YR

 24 day



 1200 YR

1410 YR

 60 day



 2200 YR

2585 YR

 120 day

Our valued subscribers, we are pleased to offer a number of ways to easily fill their account , with Recharge that suits their needs and meets their wishes.

first Way : immediate Recharge:

This service allows Yemen Mobile subscribers in all governorates to recharge their accounts with any certain amount directly through visiting any of the service centers spread out throughout Yemen (Yemen Mobile ).

You can check your account balance Or balance packages for free once a day in one of the following ways:-

  1. Call the short code 181.
  2. Send SMS containing (space) to 181.
  3. Call the code beginning from the left *181#.

Dear customer .. We save your timeand carry instead of you the hardship of access to our main services by providing you with answers to your all questions.. Take your phone whenever you want and call for free (333).
We'll be waiting for to help you :
1.   Changing your PIN(personal number).
2.   Report the missing SIM.
3.   Know our distinctive services.
4.   knowing the number of your mobiles
5.   Reset your PIN (if you forget it), and activate it as soon as possible.

If you would like to inquire about other services, please contact customer service, or press another number to end the call.

Our Objective is to provide the best telecommunication service to your satisfaction, to achieve so we offer you a number of Main services for free .. Just enter any of the codes of each service in the table below and you will immediately receive the required service.

Service Type

Activation Code

Deactivation Code

 Showing Caller ID



Notify of another call

74 *

740 *

Follow me if you do not answer

92 *

920 *

Follow me in the case of line busy or reject the call   

90 *

900 *

Follow me in case the device is switched off or out of coverage

68 *

680 *

Follow me in all cases

72 *

720 *

Cancel all diverts


730 *

Intelligent Detector Service

122 *

123 *

Service Tripartite Conference



Do not Disturb Service

80 *

800 *

The prepaid system features of Yemen Mobile are not limited or to be stopped, And You can enjoy the following features:-

Accumulation a Balance:

Your balance is increasing , With every recharge process during the grace period(receiving) ,Your new balance will be added to your remaining balance.

Accumulation a validity:

The validity period that the customer acquires by recharging with any of the recharging cards has a Accumulate features and continuous increasing,when you recharge your account during the validity period (sending) , the new validity period will be added to your remaining validity period.

*We must remind our customers that if the grace period ends and the subscriber does not recharge, the company will be forced to stop sending and receiving. Once the recharge is completed, the service will be returned immediately without any additional discounts or penalties. (during the first Six months after the end of the grace period).

Yemen Mobile Company continues to excel and strives to satisfy its prepaid subscribers by giving them more distinctive services .. For you, our dear subscribers, we put in your hands the following bundles and services hopefully to make optimal use of your participation in the this system.

a Great service and unique Package offers for the Pre-paid subscribers a wide range of freedom of communication via voice, online or even SMS.

Incredible !!! (300) minutes free balance within the network , (100) SMS free for all networks, (200) MB Internet balance with only a monthly subscription (1000 Riyals).
Just .. send the word "Mazaia" in a short message to "1000" and enjoy all service offers.

Say Hello !! to your beloved , and extend your congratulations to all with a unified tariff (9 riyals per minute) to all local telecommunications networks for 300 Riyals monthly subscription deducted from the balance at the beginning of the subscription.

Easily… Call(333) and follow the voice instructions , then we will move you from the from the basic package (Suhail) to the new package (Welcome all people). …..

Do not forget !!! The rest of the services will remain in the same a unified tariff.

Providing speak …. Without bills.. Only with Suhail provide..
Once you call (333) you will get the advantages of the Postpaid system With retaining the advantages of prepaid system ....
Now enjoy Communicate and send SMS with the same tariff of the postpaid system , without insurance , for only 500 Riyals per month .

Your gift should not be unique , As much as you have as much as you give , If you want to give some of your relatives or your friends a share of your balance , this service is designed to help you achieve your desire.

Just follow the following procedures:

*888* Amount *subscriber Number * Password # Then press the dialing code

Note:The least account balance can be transferred is (100 Riyal) and the service tariff is (5 Riyal) for each transfer.

We believe in the sanctity of the family , we recognized the importance of living with society,We are aware that you are keen to communicate constantly to consolidate your relationships , So.. do not worry !! Service of my loved ones was launched for friends and relatives , it offers a discount for all of our subscribers (in postpaid or prepaid system ).
You can create a group of 10 numbers (max) within the network , the company will grant the group a discount in the cost of calls (30%) ,The cost of adding or replacing a number is 30 Riyals for only one time.
To activate the service , call (333) for free, and follow the voice instructions.

You need to communicate with a friend or relative , but your balance is not allowed ... No problem , Yemen Mobile company connects you , whenever you want, with whomever you want , without any obstacles.

Prepaid and postpaid subscribers can send a free text message (please call me) to whomever they want .

Lend me service

Your balance is not sufficient to make a call…don’t worry!!In times of distress you will find Yemen Mobile a best friend..

Monthly Hadaya” offer for Postpaid subscribers

Monthly Hadaya” offer for Postpaid subscribers


Gift Package Provided

Gift Package Provided


Mazaia weekly package

Mazaia weekly package


Suhail Saving Package

Suhail Saving Package

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