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Technical advantages

Speed of 3.1Mb / s which represents the modern technologies in the field of wireless communications

Healthy benefits

Less using of the wave spectrum so that the user's device system receives in a power of 200 MW, while the device (GSM)receives in a power of (2000) MW. Indicating that the system of Yemen Mobile healthier than other systems.

Social Features

System is based on the code so that the wave spectrum gives each call special code and this increases the confidentiality of calls which go through the system , this gives the privacy of inpidual in maintaining the confidentiality the of family and the process where a person or technology cannot eaves dropping on calls passing through the network (Yemen Mobile)system.

Other advantages
  • Yemen Mobile is flexible and can be upgraded to the late levels of minor technical operations.
  • Yemen Mobile in the high purity of transferring data and voices
  • Yemen Mobile system is compatible with the systems and protocols of various international communications.
The way of operating of the service ...

- Service is run by a slice, running (R-UIM) of Yemen Mobile is put inside devices of mobile phone on a CDMA system. The slice can be replaced from one device to another easily.

- Mobile phones that operate Yemen Mobile services are available in all ports and commercial centers, sales types and multiple forms to suit all tastes.

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Published ON: 2009-02-18 (70538 Reads)