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The objectives

Yemen Mobile is the result of continuing successes which General Organization for wire and wireless Telecommunications, is monopolized were able to through its efficient, specialized, outstanding staff by their hard workings high expertise –fidelity, and dedication to earn the confidence of Yemeni public who believes in a general organization of communications as a window that uses the world's latest technology to cope to rapid developments in the field of communications technology information in order to make quality step community technology volunteered to serve Yemeni public national deputy , which is out of always achieving profitability. It achieves the social development in short distance, time, and openness to the world. It is all these assumptions launched general organization for Telecommunications mobile phone service represented by: Yemen Mobile is a Yemeni pure 100% managed local and qualified cadres with extensive experience, take upon themselves to provide mobile phone service to be suitable for purchasing power of Yemeni citizen with technical means covering the general area of the Republic .

Yemen Mobile" Aims:-
  1. Enabling the Yemeni subscriber to benefit from the modern technologies and keeping up what is new in the world of communications.
  2. consideration purchasing power of all classes of society and providing service to ensure to benefit the target possible number of the public mobile phone service.
  3. support the development projects and the basic services which citizen need by support the State Treasury, that "Yemen Mobile" represents government investment return profits to build schools, hospitals, dams, roads and other public services.
  4. Benefit from the potential of General Organization of Telecommunications to ensure coverage throughout the service areas of the Republic.
  5. Employing a large number of the workforce and create jobs for young people and university graduates.
  6. providing a good communication service to cover the general areas of the Republic.

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