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Facts (Yemen Mobile)


Tariff competition:
Yemen Mobile to enter the competitive market tariff telephone services decreased dramatically and significantly.

Technical excellence:
Yemen Mobile is the company the first Arab-based CDMA.

Comprehensive coverage of:
Yemen Mobile Telecommunications Company that brought the only local telephone service to the highway and the rest of the island of Socotra Islands of Yemen and the desert areas and remote areas.

Speed data transfer:
Yemen Mobile is the sole operator of Technology E-vdo quickly 3.1M per second.

The spread is large:
Expanding base of users of Mobile Phone to a very large pan of the Republic as a result of entering Yemen Mobile market competition.

Local staff:
Yemeni staff Runs Yemen Mobile 100% ,most of them hold high degrees and are trained and qualified permanent and thoughtful.

National investment:
Yemen Mobile is unique as the only telecommunications company that is jointly owned by the state and the private sector, trusts and a wide spectrum of citizens.

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Published ON: 2009-08-07 (37837 Reads)