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Speech of the Chairman


Mr/Esam Ali Ahmed Al-Hamli

Chairman Of The Board.

In Yemen Mobile company, we seek to be the beacon in providing the best telecommunications services to our customers in all regions of Yemen. because we believe that what we offer is beneficial to the homeland and the citizen to some extent, we have worked to identify the strategic path that will guide us to reach the concept of distinction and leadership in providing the best services at the lowest costs. The viability of this concept is to provide all the equipment and services that match the output of the largest companies locally, regionally and internationally, and offers that meet the aspirations of customers, followers and who are interested in this area, and then achieve the objectives of measurement and responsibility and encourage the creativity and innovation within the company.


We have been able to reach this position thanks to God first and then the efforts of all the employees of the company who are highly qualified administrators and technicians and were selected according to accurate standards and conditions, dedicated to service the company and the customers, also, with the provision of the latest devices and technical techniques in order to be updated with the changes in the world of communications, the company is distinguished at the level of service delivery.

Every day of the year, the team of Yemen Mobile, which is a professional and well qualified constellation, meets an endless number of customers, working as one team on the hour to provide the highest level of service, and that is reflected in achieving the satisfaction of the customers through positive attitude and elegant behavior and making them the first of our priority, in spite of all the complicated political and economic conditions that the country is going through.

All of the regards of these achievements are by God grace first and then to a well-qualified administrative and engineering staff who worked faithfully in the previous stages by dedicating their concept of distinction to make Yemen Mobile capable of achieving exceptional standards in the field of telecommunication services. We will continue to work at the same pace with the cooperation among coworkers in various sectors of the company, in order to reach a privileged status which deserves as it is considered as one of the most important national gains that contribute to the state treasury, and plays a positive and distinguished role in the aspect of social responsibility.

In regards to our operational plans for the coming period, emphasis will be on some fundamental objectives, including:
The first objective: we will continue to develop, improve and expand the existing network and work to update it to suit the requirements of the current and future stage, and activate its potentials to reach the desired level, in order to accommodate more of new customers, with the focus on providing the current delivery central services points and work to establish new major services centers in the provinces, and activate the role of a fairly good spread of our agents in the other regions.

The second objective: working on changing the organizational culture in order to increase the loyalty of the employees and the participation of the staff in the company. Therefore, it will be our priority to promote a caring environment for the employee in terms of respect the work values ?? and to have attention to the fair rights of all. That environment commensurate with the scale of the employees efforts and contribution in different workplaces, by creating clear and studied mechanisms for this purpose to motivate them to make the environment of the company a place to care and attract the customer, which is the main factor of success, and to serve as a unique experience by improving its communication with the customer service team so easily. Moreover, one of our priorities will be to increase the customers' participation when presenting his comments and suggestions about the service provided , and to support and encourage all the administrative initiatives provided by the employees in order to improve the performance of the different departments in the company.

As for our employees, they are considered the core of the company, and we will strive to ensure a decent standard of living and work for them. We will work hard to create a work environment based on cooperation, respect, education and continuous training. We will give every employee the chance to present his/her ideas and help them present their suggestions regarding the development of operations, maintenance, customer service and cost reduction in all sectors of the company.

Moreover ,we will develop the capabilities and skills of employees by providing self-capacity, knowledge and special skills programs, and providing them with the best training programs in order to make everyone contribute to the maximum. And it will be our role and duty to offer them every possible assistance in order for them to serve the customers and the stakeholders. In addition, we will enhance the teamwork spirit.

In conclusion, the next stage will be a challenging phase at all levels. It will require us to intensify our efforts and harness the human,technical and financial resources to face these challenges, and develop our services and add new services to meet the growing needs of our dear customers throughout our homeland.

May Allah grant us guidance and success in every work we do.

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Published ON: 2018-02-02 (31038 Reads)