A brief description of corporate social responsibility

Yemen Mobile constantly strives to consolidate social responsibility concepts from our commitment to our Yemeni society. We have been keen to enrich people's lives through our constant quest to think continuously and in innovative ways to make tangible contributions to social and economic growth throughout the country.
Because we believe in our endeavors to support the Yemeni society, we take a diversity of care to emulate modern methodologies of social responsibility and in various aspects, such as the development of education, health care needs, urgent humanitarian support for those with special needs and the preservation of our cultural heritage.
We are also keen on implementing an effective community partnership with civil society organizations to bring our efforts into balance and development in all aspects of social responsibility and to strengthen community ties.

Sports activities

    Yemen Mobile always contribute to sponsor various sports activities in order for the youth to enjoy health and physical fitness , and with that they will contribute to serve the community in the best ways. Some of those sponsored activities: -   Yemen Mobile sponsored the seventh championship of the equestrian and pick up cleats of martyrs of the Military Academy, with the participation of some elite knights in our country.


The Social activities and services

       Yemen Mobile makes sure to sponsor and participate in the community and international activities as well as activities aimed to preserve the national heritage. To name a few: -   Sponsoring the International Women's Day event which took place on Sana’a and organized by the National Commission for Women entitled “together achieving the security food for women “ -   Participating in the sponsorship of “The Mother’s Day ceremony organized by Yemen organization for Development & Humanitarian Relief ,and honoring a group of mothers. -   Participating in the sponsorship of “Our Summer” program which has coincided with the celebrating of The Youth Day in April , held in Sana’a from 1/8/2018 to 30/9/2018. -   The annual sponsorship of "Madrhh" or swing event, for it is considered a r traditional heritage for the people of the old city of Sana’a coincided with the pilgrimage season. That’s , the relatives and neighbors of pilgrims gather to chant religious prayers, beginning with farewell rituals dedicated to the pilgrims and ending with rituals and chants of longing during the following days of Eid al-Adha.


The Education sector

  We believe that education is a right for all and this skill should be better used to have a good life. With such a vision, Yemen Mobile had focused its efforts on the youth generation, sponsored and adopted many related social activities and projects. To name a few : -   Sponsoring the opening of the computer lab at the Central Library of Dhamar University, equipped with the support of Yemen Mobile as part of its projects to support university education, and holding the first promotional festival of Yemen Mobile in the university. -   Sponsoring events, activities and seminars on the development of the educational tracks such as , the seminar held on 3/7/2018, discussing "how to determine the educational and vocational track for secondary school graduates, and aimed to enlighten graduates to make proper plans for their future.


Health care

 Yemen Mobile is always concerned for its financial and human contributions in the field of health care in a manner that provide the best service for the society. Yemen Mobile also has an active role in contributing to raise the health awareness among individuals through sponsoring various events and medical conferences. Yemen Mobile makes sure to conduct a consecutive annual campaigns for the care of children with cancer , and it has achieved effective aims throughout the years such as, -   Providing the financial assistance in the amount of 34.336.400 YR for the children with leukemia within its fifth campaign. -   Raising the awareness among the individuals of this cancer by getting to know its symptoms and how to be saved from it, also motivating people to donate by subscribing in Dawa’e offer.