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Engineer / Amer Mohammed Haza'a

Executive Director of Yemen Mobile

- Currently Executive Director of Yemen Mobile
- General Manager of network data transmission and Internet from 2004 to 2012
- Manager of Internet administration in
- General Organization for telecommunications from 2001 to 2004
- Manager of Curriculum and Planning in General Telecommunications Institute 1999 to 2001
- Trainer in General Telecommunications Institute from 1989 to 1996
- Bachelor degree in Telecommunication ,1993
-Diploma in the preparation of Engineers , Ministry of telecommunication,post and space Franc in 1989
-Diploma in telecommunication General telecommunication institute in sanaa in October ,1987.
-Telecommunication Technical secondary in ,1984

Mr/ Walid Al Nabhani

account manager

Managers/ Muammar Abdullah Thabet

Managers/ Ali Ali Aziz Ali

Mr/ Abdul Karim ِAhmed Alshami

Director of Services Department

Mr/ Adel Ali Hassan Al Mahia

Director of Customer Service Department

Mr/ Abdullah Ali Mohsen Al Sarabi

Purchasing & Stores Department Manager

Mr/ Adnan almatary


Mr/ Khaled Saleh Fadel Al - Barty

Sales Manager

Mr/ Yassin Mohsen Ahmed Zaid

Mr/ Mohamed Abbas Ahmed Sharaf Aldeen

Eng/ Abdul Jalil Ali Hamoud Al Haymi

Director of Messaging Management and Network Stations

Eng/ Adel Alsaidi

Director of Network Engineering

Mr/ Sadiq Hassan Abdullah Al Sharafi

Managers/ Abdullah Mohammed Salim bin Saad

Mr/ Abdul Qader Mohammed Qassem Al-Mutawakel

Marketing director

Eng/ Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Al-Jahmi

Mr/ Mohammad Ali Mohammad Ali Satarah

Purchasing & Stores Department Director